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The Truth Behind the End of the School Year for Students

by Liam Rousselle

At the end of the year, every student starts to get a little too big for their britches. Unfortunately, that causes quite a few problems for teachers, students, and parents. But this is most problematic for teachers and the grades of the student that might be acting rather rash.

“Most of the seniors I know, they start slacking off and stop caring about their work. Most of them think they don’t have anything left to do,” said freshman Lucas Abrecht.

Freshman Elissa Shipe added “Every senior I’ve met has gotten kind [of][arrogant] at the end of the year.” Most students agree with this, even though it isn’t something the average student would want to be associated with.

Towards this time in the year, seniors should be thinking about things like catching up on missing work, college, summer sports, and summer jobs. All of these things depend on a student’s ability to keep a cool head and keep working well (which is what got them where they are in the first place).

Principal Tracey Franklin commented, “It really depends on the student. Some students are up against the wall and they really start to leg in; they want to maintain eligibility. For other students, you do sense a lack of focus. Testing is over, and the kids don’t feel that sense of urgency anymore. Schools are set up for this type of thing, mainly because they have testing so early.”

This isn’t just a recent problem. This is a genuine issue with a direct cause. “We see them every year. It’s not always for the same reasons. It’s because not being in school can raise anxiety. School has consistent meals and a structure. For other students, they’re truly fatigued,” Franklin added.

Some issues might not even be school related. Summertime is a very common time for families to move houses. This can cause problems for students like anxiety about losing friends, and having to adapt to a new school. This can apply to any student, and not just seniors.

The end of the school year is a big time for teachers, students, and parents alike. Some feel sad, some feel happy, and some feel a little too happy. Each come with their own set of problems, which if properly dealt with, can be remedied. Staying attentive and regimented every day of the school year can help with most of these problems. There is no shame working hard a little longer to stay grounded.