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Underclassmen Enjoying the Seniors for Their Last Few Days Before Leaving for the Real World

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by Sydney Pigott

It’s that time of the year again folks, the time when we let our beloved Seniors go, and set them free into the new world. Whether the next step is going to college or getting career ready it’s not easy to watch our peers we grew up with take off and start a new chapter in their lives.

“I love our seniors! Every year it’s just as hard to see them go; last year I had a hard time seeing the class of 2016 leave, and I know it’s gonna be just as hard this year,” said junior Noah Sadler. Currently there are three more days until seniors leave. After the seniors take off it is time for grad rehearsal for them and watching them prepare for a huge moment in their lives.

Sophomore Trejon Thompson feels like the, “Good thing about it [the seniors leaving] is they get to go out in the world, become adults, get a job and probably raise a family, but the bad part is they probably made friends with people in a lower grade than them so they won’t see them for quite awhile.”

This is what sophomore Riley Brown is dealing with. “It’s sad to see them leave, especially my friends,” said Brown. With all of the sad feelings and emotions also comes being happy for them for all of their wonderful accomplishments.

“Well my cousin’s a senior, Lauren Duffy, so I’m super proud of her and the rest of the seniors for working hard,” said sophomore Gabrielle Hamburg. In a similar situation is freshman Milan Patel; he states “I really don’t care, except I’m going to miss seeing my cousin around the halls.”

With the population of seniors being 267 out of the total 1,084 students, the hallways and classrooms will be super empty. “It’s going to be weird without them,” junior Grant Rasband expressed.

Although the seniors are counting down the last few days of high school, the rest of us are trying to soak up as much time with our beloved seniors before they go. junior Hayden Stinson speaks for most of us when he says, “I hope whatever their planning works out for them.”