features - underclassmen and seniors
Underclassmen Excited About Summer and Moving Up a Grade

by Alyiah Jackson

Now that the ending of the term is approaching, and the final days for the seniors have arrived, underclassman are feeling even more anxious for the end of the school year and the activities that will consist in the summer.

For the summer activities, sophomore Joshua Crowder explained, “I feel excited that summer is longer this year and I can see my friends more.”

Freshman Ty Collins said, “I feel happy because I get to go on vacation and see other places but also I’m more excited that I’m going to be a sophomore less than a month.”

“I am happy that summer is coming because I don’t have to worry about school. I can have more things to do in my free time,” said sophomore Jordan Tablah.

Sophomore Zion Gibbs said, “I’m happy because I get another break, spring break wasn’t long enough.” Sophomore Avonne Wade agreed and commented, “Right, and we also don’t have to worry about coming back to school because summer is longer this year.”

Juan Jortiz, freshman, declared that he was excited because he was “getting out of trouble and unnecessary drama unlike [his] years in middle school so he could participate in vacations with [his] family this summer.”

While some students were excited for vacation and summer, others are excited because of the preparation for the HSA and PARCC testing are now over.

“I am excited because I’m tired of doing HSA and taking tests, but also sad because my mom is thinking about moving and I might have to go to another school,” said sophomore Manasseh Laiyea.

Junior Kayla Flanary, exclaimed “I’m so happy because school has been getting on my nerves. I’m finally done with PARCC and now I can relax. During the summer, I hope to go college searching because I haven’t look at any yet.” Jameah Elliot, a junior, commented, “I’m psyched, PARCC was boring and long and now I can chill.”

Instead of feeling excited for summer and the ending of finals, other students are just happy to be moving on to the next grade.

Freshman Dasia Williams explained that, “[her] first year was okay. [She] liked it better than middle school definitely! but [she] can’t wait for it to be over.”
Freshman, Jasmine Lopez said, “ My first year was great! I thought high school was going to really hard. At first, I was overwhelmed but as the year went on, I was fine and now I can’t to be a sophomore next year.”

Soon to be junior Juan ‘Alex’ Barrera said, “I’m really happy because my first year here was stressful at Walkersville, but I soon made friends and now we’re going to hang out over the summer.”

Clearly Walkersville students are more than anxious for the current year to be over. Especially that summer is longer this year and school doesn’t start until next September, this not only makes students really happy and excited for their plans will consist of for the summer, but excited that they will be moving on to the next grade.