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Wacky Tacky Wednesday a Huge Hit with WHS Students

by Jessica Bentley

Prom Spirit Week is in full swing, and WHS juniors and seniors are dressed in the wackiest and tackiest clothing they own for Wacky Tacky Wednesday.

Wacky Tacky Wednesday is pretty popular among WHS students. It is the one day you can dress all mismatched and not get judged for it.

WHS students did not hold back this year. Students have worn shirts on top of shirts, different socks, shoes, necklaces, and who knows what else to pull off the craziest looking outfits.

Junior Quanai McClain participated in the wacky day, “[I participated] because I was going to where my track uniform anyway, so why not make it wacky tacky. You know, school spirit.”

“I didn’t have to put together an actual outfit, and I could wear what I wanted,” said senior Victoria Jester.

“I’m wearing a lot of clothes that are very different and conflict each other,” commented junior Jayla Pollock about her tacky outfit.   

Some went the opposite direction. Instead of wearing a ton of different clothes, they wore normal clothes, and just one thing that made them tacky or wacky.

Senior Jacob Benson is one of those people, “I have a lot of hats, so I decided to wear them all today.” He is wearing just a normal button down shirt and bowtie, then you just see like seven hats on his head. The hats really make him stand out.

“It is fun. I woke up and didn’t feel like finding actual clothes, and I thought it would be fun to participate. I just started putting on random clothes,” said Pollock in reference to why she was tacky.

Spirit Week continues tomorrow, May 4th with Jr/Jr, Sr/Sr Thursday. Be ready to see a lot of little kids, and old people at WHS.