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Walkersville’s Got Talent, and This Long Show Really Proved It

by Jalyn Jones

May 11th Walkersville High School held its “Walkersville Got Talent.” The tickets were sold for $5 per person and it was well worth it. There were a number of acts such as speed painting, dancing, singing, and dancing and singing. Nerves were high backstage but everybody did well. The hosts who were introducing people were really what pulled the show together. The show started at seven and ended at around ten, a pretty long show. “I liked it, it was really good it would’ve been better if tech was a little more put together,” said junior Maria Ruiz.

“The show was filled with lots of talent but the voting can be questioned if you had lots of people who came for you than other performers. However I enjoyed watching all the acts,” said sophomore Dayah Scott. During the intermission there were some snacks and water being sold, well needed during a long running show.

At the end of the show there was a lip syncing battle. “It was good that the lights were in front of my face so I wasn’t that nervous going up on stage. The others who did it did pretty well too if you ask me,” said sophomore Jordan Yangling who did the lip syncing battle with her boyfriend. “It went ok overall, a little mishaps but we pulled it together,” said senior Katheryn Acker senior, who was in the show. “I believe Faith did really well in her part, I was pretty nervous so I was really shaky throughout the whole thing. Everybody did a good job,” said senior Ishar Joseph.

Backstage is where everything happens that the audience doesn’t see, as far as putting needed props, the piano, microphones, and having everybody ready to go on.

The show happens every year thanks to theatre teacher Heather McFadden and her great students who take time to put the show together.