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WHS Students Looking Forward to Traveling Around the World

by Angella Ramos

Traveling the world can be a very exciting experience for many people, no matter the age. The students of Walkersville reflected on the places they desire to travel to the most.

“Going to Italy has always been a dream of mine. I love the scenery and the type of food they have there,” said junior Meaghan Andrews.

One of the most popular places students in Walkersville High want to travel to is Europe. “I would love to go to Italy because of the authenticity of the cities such as the canals in Venice or the ruins of Rome,” said junior Charlie Greene.

Agreeing with Greene, sophomore Madeline Torrez said “In my opinion I think Italy is one of the most beautiful cities and I would also love to learn about the culture, art, and how it revolves around religion.”

Italy and France are two of the most popular countries within Europe students want to travel to. “I’d like to go to Italy because of the interesting history and culture, as well as the food,” commented senior Brian Thebau. Italy is a common destination because of the rich culture and art the country holds.

The second most popular country students would like to explore is Japan. Japan is known for its advanced medicine, technology and their number of writers and artists. [1] “Japan is also known for its remarkable advances in technology, which include pioneering work in the automotive industry and in the creation of robotics.” [1] One example of Japan’s feats in technology being automaker company Mitsubishi, the sixth biggest Japanese automaker and sixteenth biggest worldwide. [1]

“Japan’s culture and society is very interesting; what excites me the most is the technology,” said freshman Nick Brown. Agreeing with Nick Brown, junior Edgar Rusell said, “One of my dreams is becoming a reality because this summer I am going to Japan. I like the culture, and the food is obviously plus when going to these beautiful Islands that are located in the east section of the world!”

Walkersville seniors are excited to start a new chapter of their life, parting from the town they loved and grown in. They are ready to leave their home to start new memories, finally heading out  to the real-world. The world has so much to offer.

“After graduation I’m planning to travel for a little bit. I would like to go to Rome, China, and Egypt for the beautiful architecture, creations of man, and the enduring history,” said senior Jamie Cooper. Senior Denae Hurt also plans to go to Egypt after graduation. “I cannot wait to go to Egypt after graduation because I am excited to learn about their history — it really interests me.”



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