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WHS Students Treasure Their Mothers On Their Special Day

by Kayla Brown

There are so many holidays; but how many holidays do you know that are dedicated to one very special person? Yeah there is Father’s Day but that is not the holiday I’m talking about today. That’s right people I’m talking about Mother’s Day! I wonder how the students at WHS are planning this special holiday. Well wonder no more because I’m here to find out!

For all the momma’s boys out there this holiday is a must. Whether you’re planning breakfast in bed, cleaning the house, a gift or all of the above. “My mom’s always doing stuff for me so every Mother’s Day I try to make it so she does as little work as possible” said sophomore Alex Smith. Mother’s Day should be a day of relaxation for all mothers around the world.

Now guys are clearly not the only ones that are super tight with their mom. Girls at WHS have great plans for their moms this Sunday too. “My mom deserves the best! I’ve been saving up to get my mom this beautiful dress she’s been wanting so bad, then my dad is going to take her on a dinner date” said sophomore Isabella Conto. Moms deserve the world because without them you would have never seen it.

It does not matter if it is a gift you made yourself like a card or a project from school. It’s the thought that counts and your mother will be so happy having whatever it is that you bought or made her. For most moms peace and quiet is enough for them to be happy on their day. “My mom doesn’t care about getting gifts she just wants to sleep in and not be bothered so my family always makes sure the house is clean and that we stay out of trouble so she has a great day” stated freshman Athena Gregory.

It is so great hearing all the students at WHS telling me their amazing plans for their mothers. As far as I’m concerned any mother of a WHS student is going to have a great Sunday!