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Why the Recent French Election Matters To All of Us

by Liam Rousselle

Most Walkersville students rarely think of things that don’t concern the United States. As a result, when you ask a student how they feel about the outcome of the French Presidential Election, most of them respond in a similar manner to junior Noah Sadler. “I don’t really know much about it. I mean it’s not really something I follow,” he mentioned.

Most students don’t think about it because they think it doesn’t really affect them. Sophomore Cian Pickron added, “I didn’t even know it was going on.” However, the thought that it couldn’t possibly affect people here, is completely false.

If you find a student who does know what they’re talking about, they’ll typically talk about it’s resemblance to the far left versus far right election we just had here in the United States of America. The far left, Emmanuel Macron, and the far right, Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen has a strict plan for immigration, and a plan to crack down on terrorism in and out of France. A lot of her plan against immigration mimicked the plan presented by the current U.S. President, Donald J. Trump. It involved strengthening the French borders, and it included deporting every single French citizen that was on the French terrorist watchlist.

Her progress is mainly due to the right wing uprising in France, which started to appear after the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris which killed 137 in 2015. [1] “She’s dangerous. With her current platform, she’s a part of this whole right wing movement. The dangers of that is that it’s spreading a huge amount of intolerance,” commented junior Jonathan Rushbrook. “A huge chunk of France’s [population] are immigrants, and if she had gotten elected, that would have been a very serious threat to them.”

Emmanuel Macron, the candidate who came out victorious in the election, has a much more relaxed approach to regulating immigration. It involves more checking rather than immediate deportation. He also would like to improve relations with the European Union (E.U.), whereas Le Pen was looking to separate France from the E.U. This is where it could affect the United States.

The US relies heavily on European trade of goods and ridiculous amounts of bank transactions. If France separated, it would cause a trade nightmare for the United States, and the rest of the EU. It may not be in America, but it’s definitely something that strongly affects how we live here across the Ocean.