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With Hot Weather Here, Be Prepared with Your Emergency Picnic Basket

by Emma Lochner

Steaming weather approacheth! Everyone must be prepared to enjoy the gleaming sun. Make sure to have your emergency picnic kit on you at all times. The picnic kit should contain the following items (some may vary from person to person):

  1. A large red and white plaid blanket
  2. A wicker basket filled with the following items;
    1. Plates and silverware for up to four people
    2. Multiple napkins. No messy shirts for this hot weather!
    3. Cold drinks
    4. Easy made food, such as sandwiches and cut up fruit

Planning ahead is always the best for emergencies such as these. Do not forget to have a preordained spot for this emergency picnic.

People do not normally go on picnics. But it is always a great idea for relaxation, dates, etc. Spring and summer are warm, beautiful times. Taking time to enjoy the sun and the feeling of being free. Senior Kasey Shawver said “It is a great way to get a good tan.” There are fun things that can accompany picnics. Activities such as corn hole, chess, taking pictures/selfies, flying kites, reading, etc.

Senior Michael Snizek said “I would play games, and play with dogs too.”

If you want to be outside but you do not know what to do, picking up and having a picnic is an easy go-to idea.

Senior Brayden Shorrow said, “I would bring water bottles, sandwiches, and a blanket.”