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With One Month To Go, Students Counting Down to Longest Summer Vacation Ever

by Kayla Brown

Every year we have always started school in late August.. However Governor Hogan’s Executive Order to start school after Labor Day and end school by June 15th is about to change that. I wanted to know how student were reacting to this new order so I went around and asked a few students.

There is one things that students look forward to the most during the school year and that is the end of it. Students were happy about snow days but also upset because that meant less of their precious summer vacation. “Every time I woke up and saw nothing but snow I was happy that I got to go back to sleep but I would give those couple hours of extra sleep up in a second if it meant a longer summer” said sophomore Alex Smith. Students love their summer vacation; it’s time to go to the pool, get that tan you’ve been wanting all winter, and of course time to oversleep. Who wouldn’t want that to last as long as it possibly can?

Now when it comes back around and it’s time to go back to school students are excited but they also wish they had longer to relax in their lavish sunny summer vacation. Now that the new order is out students are happy to hear their wish is granted. “I was so happy when I heard school was starting later; now instead of going to school while the pools are still open wishing I was there instead of learning and wasting the tanning opportunity I can tan til the pools are gone then go back to school” said sophomore Isabella Conto.

The new school calendar has students excited for the end of school. We get to leave earlier and start later. Who could ask for more? Now it might sound like it’s all pros no cons but there is one con. Now that the school year is a bit shorter students have to work twice as hard to get their grades looking great and keeping them up until the very end. “I have a habit of waiting till the end to get my work turned in and to get all my grades up but I’m [going] to work hard to break that so I can have summer vacation instead of summer school” stated freshmen Tyriel Collins.

In conclusion the school year is going to be changing from now on and students at WHS cannot wait for it. With exactly one month to go we count down the days till our spectacular summer vacation!