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A 12 Week Summer Has Students Excited

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The Summer of 2017 is twelve weeks long! Students leave school on the eighth of June and don’t come back until early September. The longest summer in the memory of most teachers.

If you’re having plans to go somewhere this would be the summer to do it. There is enough time in this summer to go somewhere and get used to living there. Summer breaks in my experience usually last somewhere from one to three months. This current summer break is twelve weeks long landing on the higher end of the summer break spectrum.

Students are definitely excited. After a long school year of strenuous work students finally catch a break, and this particular one just so happens to be the longest most people ever remember. “I love it being that I have summer school. I hope they don’t give this up.” said junior Jared Burgess.

Along with the long summer comes a large amount of work opportunity. 12 weeks is a great amount of time to make a lot of money, and gain any type of work experience or volunteer hours for college or any other type of educational program. “I’m gonna be working for most of it.” said junior Seth Katrell. “I think it’s gonna be great for work opportunity” said junior Adam Myers

Or perhaps students would rather use that time to travel around the country and do things they normally couldn’t due to school or other types of obligations. This would be the time to visit relatives you haven’t seen for a while. Or perhaps you’re like me and are from the west coast and like to spend long breaks like this going home and hanging out with relatives and friends you left for school or a parent’s job.

However students decide to use their summer, it’s going to be a long one, probably the longest we are going to have ever.