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Chromebooks Have Some Drawbacks But They Are Cheap and Easy To Use

by Honora Johnston

Chromebooks are important for the school because of the opportunity they present for students to work in class. However, they have their benefits and their drawbacks, so what do Walkersville Lions really think about these small laptops?

Junior Tyler Brust commented, “They’re cheap, but everything else about them is limited. It restricts you to only Google Chrome for example.” The affordability of the chromebooks makes them an attractive option for schools. They’re easier and cheaper to replace than a full desktop computer; however there are drawbacks as Brust said. Chromebooks are made by Google, so the internet browser is automatically Chrome.

“I think they’re okay for school, but I wouldn’t want one for myself,” said sophomore Natalie Miller. “And stuff like screenshotting is different on chromebooks, so I don’t know how to do it.”

The chromebooks are simple, but there are differences from a regular laptop or desktop that make some functions difficult. On a normal keyboard, hitting the print screen key takes a screenshot and copies it to the clipboard. With a chromebook, you need to hit ctrl and the sixth button from the top row. It’s easier for people if there’s a universal keyboard layout so they know these specifics.

“I love chromebooks because you open it up and just login. They’re portable and the keyboards are better spaced out,” said Media Specialist Cindy Doggett. Doggett is in control of most of the chromebooks in the building, for example, ordering any new computers that are needed or to help fix any broken computers.

There are clear pros and cons to these computers, but they’re good for the school because they’re being used by students. The fact that they’re easily portable makes it possible for many students to use them throughout the day.

Students and staff in the building have mixed feels for the laptops, it seems. For the school, the benefits are enough to make them the preferred choice.