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Destiny a Game Based On Our Solar System

by Corey Watson

Destiny is a game developed by Bungie and published by Activision that is based in our solar system estimated 700 years from the present. You play as a guardian, a defender of the last remaining citizens of the human race.

The great protector the traveler has given you the power to defeat the enemies of the light. The game has aspects of MMO’s but is considered a role playing multiplayer.

With a loyal community the first destiny game had widespread critical acclaim. Destiny 2 is the continuation of the story of the first game. It starts with a cinematic video that are supposed to be very frequent throughout the game. It shows your home the last free city on Earth under attack and you one the most powerful guardians are sent to take down the enemy leader. You then go on your mission into the heart of the battle blasting your way through the enemy ranks until you get to the objective.

The mission ends and blurs into a cinematic that leads to you being approached by the enemy leader, the scene then goes dark. You then see another cinematic in which you have lost the battle and all remaining guardians have scattered across the galaxy. It is now your mission to reunite the guardians and defeat your enemies and rescue the traveler. Go out and stop them or the galaxy will be forever cloaked in darkness.

Junior Jarret Burgess said “ I think it will suck because it’s not call of duty.” Sophomore Johnny Berkey said “ I think it won’t be as good as the first one.” The feedback from the students shows little interest. Junior Seth Gatrell said “ I saw it and to be honest didn’t really care for it.