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Different Strategies Are Used When Studying For Finals

by Jonathen Bowersox

This is the last week of school, which means that most of the classes in Walkersville will have an end of year final.

“I [had] a Chem final on Wednesday and I [was] very nervous [be]cause that will make or break my grade. Things that I [did] to study for the final [were] doing the review packet that she gave us and just going over my notes from the beginning units of Chem because I forgot a lot of those,” said sophomore Brianna Francis.

Students’ study tactics are different from each other’s: some people study a lot before the exam, and some don’t study at all but still do fine. “[I] study a lot for each test because I do not like to take any chances that a test would greatly impact my grade. My parents [and I] would be very disappointed in me,” said sophomore Carter High.

“I don’t study at all for tests. In the past when I [did] study,  [it made] me get in my head which effects my grade, so not studying just has always worked for me,” said sophomore Baylor Baxley.

When asking students if their outside activities affect whether or not they study or not, many students said “no” because all the sports are over and most of their activities are on the weekend but some people said otherwise.

“This is not a good week to have final testing because everyday this week I have plans that I can’t ignore, which means that I have barely any time to study and this will affect how I do on my test. Thank goodness I only have two tests this year,” said junior Keren Ott.

As the year wraps up and assignments are diminishing this will be everyone’s last hurdle of the year so hopefully everyone does great on their test and finishes this year on a great note.