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FREEDOM Pass Allows Students To Ride the Bus All Summer Long for Only $15

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by Sydney Pigott

Not everyone can just catch a ride from mom or dad, and that’s why the new Summer FREEDOM Pass is a perfect purchase for anyone who needs rides in Frederick County.

The FREEDOM Pass became available for purchase in mid-May and can be bought by downloading the TransIT ezFARE Mobile Ticketing App. Make sure to set the rider type as “student” and fill out the rest of the information then select purchase or you can go to either the TransIT Office (1040 Rocky Springs Road) or the Treasurer’s Office (30 N. Market Street) Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.

The FREEDOM Pass is a pass solely for purpose of being able to go places like coffee shops, book stores, the mall, work, restaurants, friends’ houses, the pool, movie theater and more around the Frederick area, an unlimited amount of times all summer long. The pass is only $15 and it includes connectors and shuttle trips for ages 13-22. Once you purchase the ticket it is valid through August 31st. ID’s must be presented when boarding the bus along with your pass via phone or the physical pass.

Associate of the Frederick County TransIT services Kendall Tiffany shared that the pass “Works on all transits and connectors and you can ride all day everyday.” She added that it is so convenient because “It gives kids and teens the opportunity to do a lot of things especially if they don’t have access to a car.”

Freshman Mikey Stitely seconds that opinion when he says that he “Would look into getting one because gas is so expensive and my brother isn’t always around to give me rides.”

Sophomore Baylor Baxley expresses her concern toward the pass when she asked “Is it really that convenient though, what are the routes, where can you actually board the bus?”

The closest route that TransIT offers to Walkersville High is the Walkersville Connector which runs through Walkersville and down all the way to Walkers Village Shopping Center. If you are interested in seeing the routes and more information about the FREEDOM Pass definitely visit the website below.