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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Opens a New Store In Frederick

by Halle Wilson

Opened up already by the Westview Cinema Movie Theatre is a Krispy Kreme doughnut place. As of today, most teenangers want to get a doughnut and post the picture of the treat on their instagram.

Krispy Kreme is a much less expensive alternative than Dunkin Donuts.“Krispy Kreme is better than all the other donut places because first off less expensive and I live a couple miles away and I haven’t had a good donut in a while,” said Mary Johnson. People seem to like these donuts because they aren’t that much and you can get a dozen for about $8.00.  

Although, “Krispy Kreme needs more options to choose from then I would intend on going to the restaurant if there was more to choose from,” said Janelle Reese. Krispy Kreme can really do well if they just have better flavors.

Customers of Kripsy Kreme have tried their limited time only doughnuts, doughnuts like the Sea Salt Caramel Doughnut made with Ghirardelli chocolate. This doughnut is a popular flavor and most people like to try new doughnuts if they’re really that good. “My favorite doughnut is Strawberry Iced with sprinkles because sprinkles are colorful and who likes a plain doughnut?” said Abigail Ruth.

People should go to Krispy Kreme because the doughnuts are spot on perfect and the customer service is very helpful!