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Lion’s Literary Magazine Now Available On Line

by Sydney Pigott

A brand new website associated with the Walkersville Lions has made an appearance: the brand new literary magazine The Lions’ Lithograph!

This was a website made for the Creative Writing Club because “the club met more this year than before,” said English teacher Stephanie Hart. The site contains cool and different pieces that English teachers Hart and Diana Sung had students submit. Ryan Puthumana, a sophomore and author of fiction and drawings pieces displayed on the site, said, “You can submit pieces of literacy even if you’re not in the club.”

Sung, the other mastermind behind the magazine, explained how the website came to be, “Hart and I were talking about doing something different this year because we couldn’t run the Creative Writing class. We wanted to give the students a chance to share their amazing work. Then we were talking about the fact that we haven’t had a literary magazine here at the school in a long time.”

She added, “We set our professional goals, so Hart and I wanted to work with the students to make this magazine. They submitted some work, so we went to work and made them public,” she noted that “it was a lot of fun” to do.

Another author on the website, sophomore Lydia Pedersen, said, “The point of the magazine is to show student’s works of art through writing, [it shows that] students [at WHS] are amazing writers.”

The website has different genres including fiction, poetry, and drama. If you would like to check out the refreshingly spontaneous pieces on The Lions’ Lithograph please visit their site below. If you are interested in making your own creative writings, the Creative Writing class will be available again next school year!


Website for the Lion’s Lithograph: