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NHS Elects President Tauriello and Vice President Chen for 2017-2018

by Jessica Bentley

As the end of the year approaches it is time for clubs to elect new people to run the club. NHS held their elections Tuesday, and the winners found out that they won Wednesday during second block.

Running for positions in NHS were as follows:

President: juniors Debbie Afolabi and Michael Tauriello

Vice President: juniors Emilia Lawler and Susanna Chen

Parliamentarian: juniors Jon Rushbrook and Mikaela Miller

Secretary: junior Sofia Bowers

Treasurer: junior Julie Yang

These people all prepared a speech, basically their platform as to why they should get the position they were running for. Then the people of NHS voted for the people they wanted. By Wednesday all the votes were tallied, and the winners found out that they won.

The winners of the election were: Tauriello for president, Chen for Vice President, Rushbrook for Parliamentarian, Bowers for secretary, and Yang for treasurer.

“I plan to give more more opportunities to the members of society, and to contribute to the road to technology fund more,” commented Tauriello

Chen is excited about being vice president to the “Very Honorable President” Tauriello, “I think being involved in in something related to student government is a very good experiance. [I] probably [plan] to integrate more online tools to simplify signing up for events.”

“[I want to put a] bigger focus on the academic aspect of NHS; we are a society full of schools best scholars. Now more than ever we must help everyone with their scholastic achievement. I want to reform tutoring to make it easier for students to sign up, and increase tutoring requirements. I also plan to make sure everything is orderly,” said Rushbrook.

The team is already hard at work planning activities for next year. “They’re already motivated and getting work done. We are already throwing around ideas for fundraisers for next year — it involves ducks,” commented NHS advisor Jamie Skena.