polar bear
Polar Bears Are Going Extinct, and That Has To Stop

by Halle Wilson

Polar bears are going extinct because the loss of sea habitat from climate change. Actually polar bears have been threatened ever since May 2008.

Many of the polar bears that live in the Arctic are mostly hunted which is unsafe and illegal to hunt for these bears. “The reason that these animals are endangered is because their habitat loss and their food supply is also decreasing,” said junior Jonathan Rushbrook.

Scientists of today are trying all they can to protect the polar bears from the high ice melting that is in Antarctica. They are trying to contain the icy habitat for other species besides the polar bear. “Ice covers for ground for them to find food; that’s what impacting them which means that they can’t hunt so, the population will continue to decline and that’s mostly how the polar bears lose ground,” said science teacher Katie Boller.

The reason why most polar bears are going extinct is because of oil that is being polluted by the boats that pass through the sea and leave oil spills which can make the polar bears sick and that can cause a serious problem. Which means that if any oil comes in contact with the habitat then the polar bears will go extinct. That means the other animals such as seals, whales, reindeer, and bird populations will increase. The reason why they’re endangered species is because of the loss of their habitat by the climate change. “We should try to prevent the polar bears from becoming extinct because they’re one of my favorite animals,” said junior AJ Rausch.

These polar bears don’t deserve to become extinct because they’re precious animals that need to stay on this earth.



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