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Safe and Sane Party a Big Hit with 2017 Graduates

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by Megan Allen

Walkersville class of 2017 headed to Adventure Park for Safe and Sound after they graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s. The gates opened at 10:45pm and the alumni had a night full of fun and safety until they packed up and headed home at around four in the morning.

“It is hard to believe I am kind of a senior now, I am not sure of a bunch of things, but one thing I am sure of is that I will definitely be attending Safe and Sound. I was looking at all of the pictures they took last night and it looked so fun. I can’t wait for that next year because before you know it, it will be here,” said junior Blake Winter.

They had all night to do a variety of fun activities. Their night consisted of riding roller coasters, playing mini golf, going on water rides, golf carts, laser tag, and winning prizes.

Some prizes consisted of a kayak (won by Nick Thompson), a smart T.V. (won by Maddie Sorrell), Oriole tickets (won by Alyssa Riggs), National tickets (won by Noni Hill), and many more.

Alumni Myiah Seymour said “I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my night anywhere else — it was with the people I loved, and it was such a good time. Never will you once have another experience like this one, and it’s hard to believe it is all over. Last night will be one to put in the books.”  

Alumni Josh Clegg reflected on Seymour’s thoughts and added “Laser tag was my all time favorite. It was funny watching Connor Owen climb the rock wall! My friends and I just had a great time, and it was worth every penny.”

Junior Aeshep Smith explained “It looks like a fun time but it would be weird to not go to sleep that night at all, but if I am with all my friends then I wouldn’t plan to go to sleep anyway. I will probably go just to beat my friends in golf carts as many times as I want.”

Safe and Sound is made to make sure the graduated class is safe in one place and to have a good time with the people you spent the last four years with.