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Students Feeling Great On the Last Day of School

by Jessica Bentley

As the final school day of the 2016-2017 school year is upon us, students reflect back on the year, as well as look forward to the next year to come, while spending the final hours with their friends and teachers.

“My favorite memory [this year] is getting an entire new group of friends because they are a lot more supportive and caring. I’m really glad we got closer this year,” commented junior Ashley Terry. Junior Debbie Afolabi added, “Honestly just hanging out with all my friends,” as her favorite memory.

Sophomore Erin Kopit commented, “Probably winning chapter select for theater [would be my favorite memory].” She is spending the day, “trying to get as many people to sign my yearbook as possible.”

“[Next year] I’m excited to be an upperclassmen and be done with half of high school,” Kopit added.

“A definite favorite moment for me this year was the pep rally at the beginning of the year; they’re always fun,” said junior Edgar Russell.

Freshman Brianna Eyler enjoyed her freshman year because of, “making new friends.” She is ready for her sophomore year, as she is looking forward to “my Intro to Theater class.”

“Next year I’m looking forward to my science and math courses,” commented freshman Nicholas Brown.

“[I’m] looking forward to senior year. There is going to be so many things to look forward to like football games, and prom that you didn’t get to do as freshman, sophomore, and even junior year,” said junior Taylor Seabolt.

Hopefully everyone has a nice summer, and three months from now will be ready to start the 2017-2018 school year.