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Students Happy With How Beautifully the 2017 Yearbook Turned Out

by Jalyn Jones

All of last week students who had purchased a yearbook received one. Seniors one day, juniors the next, with sophomores and freshman the next two days. Students who have taken yearbook not only this semester, but last as well worked extremely hard on putting it together making sure it’s something special people want to keep.

“I helped in the making process of the yearbook; it was a lot to do in order to get it done right before spring starts,” said sophomore Rachel Coleman.

The yearbook title is called “Stellar” and in the corner it says “2017 Lyonian.” There is a space theme throughout the book.

Yearbooks help you remember things you might forget including friends. It makes it able to look back on old times and laugh. Most people tend to get them for their senior year since it’s their last, some might get them every year.

This year they tried something new by having the pictures also be videos. No the videos don’t play in the book, you can use a smartphone to uncover what the video is if there is one available for that picture. “I like the idea of the pictures also being videos, however I did have some trouble getting it to work,” said sophomore Jordan Yingling.

In the yearbook there is a nice section for the football team especially because the football team was the undefeated state championship team this year. Other sports including soccer, cheerleading, basketball, field hockey, swimming, and more.The yearbook also included clubs such as poms, key club, theater, and more. There are lots of pages throughout with fun times of sports and clubs.

A special part of the yearbook for the seniors in the book is called, “Family and Friends.” In this section seniors have baby pictures and other memories with a quote/message from their parents talking about how they love them, they’re proud of them, and all types of nice things.

Students should definitely get themselves a yearbook their final year. The yearbook team really works hard and it shows in the final product. “The design of the yearbook is really nice this year, it was well put together,” said junior Zach Stitely.