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Students Have Many Different Plans for Their Summer Vacations

by Christina Huffer

Summer vacations are the fun memories that students remember when they look back to their high school years. Some students take this opportunity to take more online classes or they could completely do the opposite and go to the beach. A lot of the students have jobs that don’t allow them to leave for long periods of time, so they go on vacation over spring break and stay close to home all summer.

“I went to Arizona over spring break and I’m not doing anything this summer. I might take a few weekend trips to Ocean City with my friends or even my family sometimes. I work at a pool, so I can swim and tan whenever I want,” commented sophomore Blaire Shively.

Vacations give parents and people that work all the time a week or two to get some R&R. I know when I went on vacation last summer the week went by so quick, and I wasted all the time in the house when I could’ve been relaxing on the beach with my friends and family. The beach is a place where you have the time to go out and meet new people. If you go somewhere like the Outer Banks there are people from all over the country; or even in Ocean City you have the chance to meet new people or even meet up with some of your friends.

“I am going to Arizona this summer to see my grandparents and stay with them for a few weeks. I go every year with my aunt and cousins, but this year we’re going at different times, so I have to fly there and back alone,” commented sophomore Leah Wells.

Most students want at least one friend to come on their family vacation. Is it still a family vacation when your kids bring one or two of their friends with them? They’ll be spending time with their friends instead of their family.

“I am going to spend my two and a half month summer at boot camp. I decided to go because it’ll show that I am serious about the Army, and it’ll open me up to get a lot of scholarships — it’s hard to pay for a $40,000 college education,” noted junior Becky Dixon.

Going on vacation to places all around the world is a great experience and a well needed time to relax over the summer!