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Summer Means Finding a Job For Many WHS Students

by Jonathen Bowersox

As the school year wraps up and summer approaches, many of the kids here at Walkersville High school are trying to make some more money by getting summer jobs at a variety of places across Frederick.

Some kids don’t have a job but they are still looking to get that great summer job. Sophomore Jenna Kellar said “I’ve been looking for a job for many weeks now but I still haven’t found the right one yet. I’ve been looking for job in many places from getting a job in the food business like becoming a waitress, or getting a job in the fitness world by getting job in a gym or something, but I’m sure that I’ll find my perfect job.”

While others are trying to find jobs some kids already have had jobs through the winter and now it’s just carrying over into the summer. “I’ve been working at Tropical Smoothie for about a month and I am excited for it to go into the summer because before I wasn’t able to get as many hours due to school and other activities. [But now since my] days are free and I don’t have school, I am able to get a bunch of hour and really rake in that money,” said sophomore Baylor Baxley.

As some kids have very complex jobs, other kids have much simpler jobs and are enjoying as much of summer as they can. “This summer all I have is just a babysitting job which is a lot more stress free than the typical job that most people are getting and this also really frees up my summer to have fun and also make a lot of money. The reason I decided not to get a job was because I don’t have very many high school summers left and I am trying to enjoy as much as I can,” said sophomore Brianna Francis.

As summer approaches and summer jobs become available, many kids around the school are snatching them up, so if you are looking to get a job and make some money now is the time to do so.