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Teachers Enjoy Treating Students On the Last Day of Classes

by Liam Rousselle

“Today I got donuts in Ms. Stelma’s class,” said junior Roshni Patel. “I felt they were well deserved after a year of classes.” The last day of school is often when teachers choose to show the nicer side of their personality. Students at almost every school anticipate the last day of school as the easiest day for them, and most of the time they’re right.

The last day is the day where everyone can relax into the summer mood that everyone craves. Gabby Zeller said, ”Yeah, Stelma gave us donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts was nice, especially since none of my other teachers really did anything.” A lot of students were very grateful for Technology teacher Regina Stelma’s act of kindness. Stelma commented, ”I did it because they are sweet kids. They really are. I promise, no lies.”

However, Stelma’s technology classes were not the only classes to receive special summer treatment. “The students got to launch rockets in AP Physics today. To be fair they’ve been planning it for a few days, but today was the day we agreed on,” said AP Physics teacher Daniel Burr. “They enjoyed it,” Elissa Ships mentioned, “Ms. Clark gave us all lollipops. They were good but I got the green flavor. I wanted the red.” Ashley Ritchie commented,” I got popcorn and we just hung out.”

For some students, they received gifts from teachers who taught classes they weren’t enrolled in. For students like freshman Ray Clutter, this is exactly what happened. “I’m in Ms. Lugo’s FLEX class. I don’t have her for anything else,” he said. “She gave me Tostitos Chips and some dip. It’s now my lunch.”

The last day of school is an important day for every student. Trying to make students work on a day like this is almost impossible, and there is no point in trying. Even the teachers want to just chill out on June 8th. So have a great summer WHS, and try not to think about September 5th.