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That’s So Raven Returns as Raven’s Home

by Barry Fleming

That’s So Raven is a chart topping sitcom about a psychic teen going through the world with her special abilities. This show ran from 2003-2007 racking up 14 wins, 29 nominations, and was nominated for two primetime Emmy’s. [1]

The show has been picked up for a sequel named Raven’s Home. If this show goes as well as the last we will all be in for a treat. In this sequel Raven has two children a boy and a girl (twins) and her son has developed a psychic ability. Raven and Chelsea (childhood best friend) are rumored to live together. Although, Raven’s character is still that quirky, fun character. The pilot episode is airing July 21st, 2017.

Sophomore Blaire Shively said “I’m so excited for this! I loved that show growing up I can’t wait. I will be watching.”

Sophomore Gabby Zeller said “I can’t believe they’re finally bringing it back, I can’t wait to see it. That show was literally my favorite, I loved it.”

Freshman Destiny Simms said “I’m not really excited, but I think it will be cool for the most part.”

Freshmen Leigha Pagliochini commented “I loved that show. I’m glad Disney is bringing back the old classics we all loved. I will be watching for sure. I think it will be a definite hit.”

    As you can see students are very excited for this revival. I believe adults will be watching the show along with their children. There’s rumored to be tons of special guests on the show. I guess we have to watch to find out. We all are expecting a lot from this sitcom and we hope it can live up to its expectations.


[1] http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0300865/