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The Pool Life Is the Best Life In the Summertime

by Jalyn Jones

With no more school left, summer is finally here. This summer is actually twelve weeks long. Lots of people have plans for the summer such as being with family, vacations, working, and college tours. As well as all of those things, the main thing on everyone’s mind besides relaxing is going to the beach or going to the pool. Some people are lucky enough to have a pool in their own backyard instead of having to drive somewhere to go and enjoy the pool.

There’s also the option of going to amusement parks such as Six Flags, Kings Dominion, Hershey Park and more. Some neighborhoods have pools that you need to have a pass to get into. “I enjoy having a neighborhood pool for many reasons. For one I don’t have to be responsible for it being up to date, I don’t have to pay to get into the pool, and I can get there just by walking and relax,” said Media Specialist Cindy Doggett.

“Having your own pool is better because you can go swimming whenever you want,” said freshman Sonnih Scott. Being able to have your own pool is a luxury — you can just walk right out your door and get in. However, there is the responsibility of having to keep it up to date making sure all the levels are balanced. “Pools at your own house are better because you can keep it up to date and clean without having to worry about any germs,” said freshman Denay Scott.

“Water parks, because you can spend the whole day there with your friends and do more than just swimming,” said sophomore Ambur Javed. “I don’t like public pools. However, I like water parks because they’re fun,” said junior Anna McClatchie. Water parks can be fun and they also give you the option to have seasonal passes where you have to pay one fee for the season. There are also options for paying for multiple passes. You can pay as you go if you aren’t going to be there enough to use the pass.