features - Mr. Beall
Timothy Beall, Math Teacher with Many Fabulous Ties

by Megan Allen

Timothy Beall is a geometry and pre-calc at Walkersville High School. He is well known for having a collection of ties and his sarcasm.

He started teaching ten years ago and have always been at Walkersville; he lives in Jefferson.

“I like it here. The math department is a great group of people and I love working with them. The drive here isn’t that bad so I don’t mind it at all.”

Beall is married and has a daughter and son. His son got a full ride to Maryland College Park and his daughter goes to Brunswick and is in 10th grade.

“I am very proud of my children’s accomplishments; my daughter just won the startup Frederick competition and co founded the robotics club at Brunswick High so I am extremely lucky to have such great kids.”

He got his degrees at FCC and Shepherd University; before he was a teacher he worked at a bank and was the assistant manager.

“They were both nice schools and a good fit for me. Banking is not very exciting and I am very glad I found a teaching job because it is a lot more exciting and I love interacting with the students here.”  

Beall has a collection of over 70 ties and mostly all of them are Jerry Garcia. Sophomore Baylor Baxley said “Mr.Beall is my favorite teacher and his ties are usually always snazzy. My favorite one that he wears is called Guy With Exploding Nose; it is filled with color and always brightens my mood.”

When Beall is asked why he has so many neck ties he responds with “I like the color and patterns of Jerry Garcia ties and if I have to dress proffesional then I might as well make it fun.”

Business teacher Regina Stelma commented on Beall “He always has an answer even if it is filled with sarcasm, but the students here definitely seem to click with him because mostly all of them use just as much or even more sarcastic jokes than he does. He just always cracks me up!”