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Walkersville Elementary School Hosts Field Day, Which Brings Back Wonderful Memories

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by Sydney Pigott

The end of the year brings lots of cool and exciting events to make the final days of school a little bit more bearable. Elementary schoolers look forward to the annual field day, a day devoted to fun physical activities held outside with their friends.

Volunteer and junior at WHS Ethan Parish mentioned that when he was younger, “I would never miss field day — it was just too fun.” Our beloved neighboring Walkersville Elementary School had their field day on Friday June 2nd.

Walkersville High Schoolers were able to volunteer as helpers and supervisors at the stations and make sure the kids stayed safe while they enjoyed their “day off.” A permission slip was located at the front office for students who wanted to take place in making sure that the day ran smoothly.

The day started at 9 a.m. when all the students gathered on the blacktop behind the school and held hands and played a few games like duck, duck, goose and ring around the rosie as a little bit of a “warm-up” if you will, while the volunteers got time to make sure they were at their right station and could set up everything.

Volunteer and freshman Leigha Pagliochini admitted that “When they were holding hands it was the cutest thing [she had] ever seen.” After everything was in order and the volunteers were ready for the kids, the kids got back with their homeroom teacher and went to their designated station.

Each of the grades had a specific field in which they stayed the whole day. The kindergartners and first grade students had one field, the second and third grade had another and the fourth and fifth grade students had their own field. The games set up in all the fields were the same; the games included moon bounce for second, third, fourth and fifth graders, pumpkin patch, hoppers, hurdles, the parachute, kickball, tug of war, flag football, spider ball (dodgeball), high tower shoot out (in the gym) and for only the fourth and fifth graders “the huge ball.”

Field day lasted until around 1:30 and by then the kids were super pooped from all the playing and fun activities in the sun. To top off the great day, everyone got to have icy cold popsicles and headed inside to regroup and head to the high school to watch the teachers v. student basketball game which volunteer, Leah Wells, a sophomore, said it was her “favorite part of the day.”