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Wonder Woman a Female Superhero Both Women and Men Can Believe In

by Molly Lewing

Friday, June 2nd DC Comics’ newest movie Wonder Woman premiered, bringing in $100.5 million on its opening weekend. [1]

The movie was the first of DC’s movies to get above a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes with whopping 93%. This is much improved from the two previous movies Suicide Squad with a 25% and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with 27%. [2]

The movie has been receiving great reviews. “I thought the movie was awesome. It was nice to see a DC movie that was actually good,” said junior Parker Montour.

This is not the first time we have seen Gal Gadot’s interpretation of Diana, as she first was seen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this time we get to see her backstory and how she came to be the hero that she is today.

“I thought she did a really good job. I think she was able to portray the emotion needed to pull off playing an awesome hero like Wonder Woman,” said sophomore Natalie Miller. The movie opens with young Diana learning the history of Themyscira, the homeland of the Amazons.

You then see Diana growing up and training to become the best warrior the Amazons have ever seen. “I liked how you saw her getting better and better as she got older. It was a cool way to transition from the beginning to the part where the action starts,” said junior Felicity Borge.

This movie is a great movie for young girls and boys to see. This movie proves that a superhero movie focused on a female hero can be enjoyable for both men and women. It is empowering for young girls, showing them that they do not have to play the sidekick or just the love interest.

“I think that all girls and boys should see this movie. It’s really cool that it stars a woman and was directed by a woman,” said Montour. “It’s the first superhero movie that I’ve seen that features a female hero as the main protagonist so it was pretty cool,” said Borge. “Wonder Woman is definitely worth seeing, I would highly recommend it,” said Miller.


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