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It – a Spooky Clown Horror Film That Will Make You Scream and Laugh

by Ashley Terry

The highly anticipated reboot of Stephen King’s It has arrived. While it seems like a mediocre killer clown movie with a lot of jump scares from a distance, there are so many hidden references only true fans of the novel or Stephen King himself would understand. Within a few days of It being released the film already has 8.2/10 stars and has made $117 million.[1] [2] If you’re into horror films, then you will love this this film.

It takes place in the small town of Derry, a town where tragedy always seems to strike. The film begins with the main character (Bill’s younger brother) disappearing while he is playing outside. After this, a whole string of disappearances begin. The whole town is on edge and the school bullies are at an all time high, leaving the kids questioning who will be next.

A group of kids (aka the Loser’s Club) decide to take matters into their own hands and find Bill’s brother. Along the way they discover Pennywise, (one of It’s many personas) a killer clown that lives off of fear. The thing about Pennywise is, he cannot be killed. He only resurfaces to the small town of Derry every 27 years.

One thing that viewers tend to forget is that Pennywise isn’t just a killer clown. He thrives off of the fear that children harbor; it’s his way of survival. He can produce anything that you’re afraid of even if it’s an irrational fear (ex: spiders or falling). While It was a captivating film, it is merely an adaptation of the novel. There are always details left out when it comes to the adaption of a novel, this alone may have left a few Stephen King fans crying, in the fetal position.

“It was really good and was a little freaky. I definitely recommend it;” said Senior Nathaniel Ford.

WHS Alumni Makayla Beehm had mixed thoughts on the film, “Though I was disappointed in the scare factor, the cinematography was phenomenal and the cast of young leading actors did an amazing job in bringing life back into the remake.”

Senior Nafachee Saimbre couldn’t see it due to a fear of clowns because it “…ruined [her] childhood.”

If you want to see the film but are on a budget, I suggest R/C Gateway Theater Eight in Gettysburg. It’s not as crowded as Westview and it’s easier to find a seat in the theater. The seats recline, and a matinee ticket costs around $6.50, while the same ticket/showing at Westview Theater would be almost double. It is the perfect way to start off the Fall season. Just remember, “you’ll float too.”

(photo source: Makayla Beehm)


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