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Are You Ready? Get Set, Go! It’s That Time of Year Again to Sign Up for New Clubs!

by Marisa Flores
The 2017-2018 school year is starting up and so are the many exciting activities that are offered at Walkersville High. Last week was the official start of club sign ups.
Last week was the first week of school, and as fantastic as it was, there was something missing…. Club Sign Ups! This year the signup process has been moved to the second week of school as opposed to the first. The sign ups took place at all lunches and began on Wednesday the 13th.
For the newcomers and people who have never signed up for clubs, here’s how it works. Starting Tuesday at lunch, all students had the opportunity to sign up for their choice of clubs. (Sign ups ended at lunch on Thursday) There will be two to three tables set up on the side of the cafeteria by the pool entrance. Multiple papers will be laid out with corresponding pencils. You will put your name on the papers that include the title of the clubs you wish to join. Only a certain amount of people are able to join each club; so first come, first serve.
Club meetings will take place on Fridays during flex. You can also stay after school for a club. Or if allowed, go during other flex days. You must remember that clubs only have superiority over other classes on Fridays.
Walkersville High has many fun clubs that the students are able to join. Some of them include:
Academic Team (Van Bloem, Room 137)
Chess Club (Van Bloem, Room 137 B)
Drama/International Thespian Society (McFadden, Stage)
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Drum/May, Room 193 C)
Gay Straight Alliance/GSA (Marsh, Portable 5 B)
Homecoming Committee (Boller, Room 144)
Disc Golf Club (Reickel, Room 138)
Key Club (Carbone, Auditorium B)
Lion’s PRIDE Ambassadors (Chavez, Cafeteria A)
Mock Trial Club (Vallee, Room 159 C)
National Honor Society (Skena/Thaggard, Lecture A A)
Robotics Club (Thuman, Portable 8)
Student Government Association/SGA (Lepeonka, Room 155 B)
Yearbook—— YEARBOOK STAFF ONLY (Graunke, Room 174)
And Many More…….
Starting this year Assistant Principal Sheri Murphy will be in charge of all clubs. When it comes to her new role she said “Clubs are a great way for students to become actively involved in their school and community. They also provide a way for students to get to know other students with similar interests. Students who are actively involved in school are typically more successful academically. Each student is encouraged to join at least one club or activity.”
When asked about clubs and club sign ups junior Midori Rourk said “We, as a school, need to lessen the intense focus on academic clubs and sports for those who aren’t interested in such things, and need to improve on advertising things like Shakespeare Club, Creative Writing Club, The Gender and Sexuality Alliance, The Save the Next Girl Club, French and Spanish Club, and things that promote creativity and tolerance in our community.”
Freshman Dorlisa Anorchie also said “They’re okay until they get really boring. [They become ‘boring’ because] like [back then] teachers talked to the kids and made it fun but now you go to the room, work, then leave.”
These clubs will hopefully serve as an new creative outlet for all interested students. Choose wisely and have fun! If you miss the opportunity to sign up please see Club Advisor, Murphy, in the office.