Cinderella’s Closet Offers a Chance to Get Formal Wear for Homecoming at Great Prices

by Addie Robert

Homecoming is right around the corner which means it is dress shopping season. Spending hundreds of dollars at high end store is problematic for students who don’t have jobs or have other priorities. Cinderella’s Closet is a great affordable place to get dresses. The community donates their new or old dresses to the closet where it will be resold for an even better price.

“We try to give students an opportunity to get a dress for homecoming and prom at an affordable price. The closet is open two times a year, before homecoming and prom to give students an opportunity to find dresses. Many dresses are new or were only worn once,” worker Doris Ott states. Senior Sarah Grace McElwain said “ I think this is a great opportunity for girls to find dresses for homecoming and prom without spending hundreds of dollars because high school students don’t really have enough money to go out a spend on a dress you are going to wear once.”

There are various types of dresses to look at, from short to long, pink or green, tight or fluffy, giving everyone the perfect chance to find the right dress for them. Every dress in there will make a girl look and feel like a princess. “I think there are a great variety of dresses to choose from. I haven’t seen most of these dresses before, many of them are very unique” McElwain continues.

“I think it’s an excellent opportunity for the community to help support each other.” Senior Cameron Maxey says. Cinderella’s Closet has brought our community together in a very special way through dresses which not seen in almost any other town other than Walkersville. We as a community have started something incredible that is able to give everyone the same experiences.