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Common Application Guides Senior Students to College Success

by Jessica Bentley

As the school year has started, many seniors are looking at colleges and applying to various places. There is a lot of work that goes into applying, and it can be repetitive to fill out the same application about yourself for each college you apply to. There are many websites and resources students can use to help the application process, but one great one is the Common Application (AKA Common App).

Common App makes it easy to explore and apply for multiple colleges. It is the place where students can send out one application to multiple colleges. It makes life a lot easier and turns the grueling and sometimes confusing process of applying to colleges into something anyone can do.

Senior Jonathan Rushbrook uses Common App and likes its user friendly design, “It’s rather easy to use since you can send in the same application to multiple colleges on one platform.”

In case you have no idea where to start your college quest or even want to go to college at all, the Common App can help students with that too. They have a tab on their page labeled “Plan Ahead.” It tells you why to go to college, how to prepare for college, and how to pay for college. Most of these questions are the most basic questions students need help answering, and Common App does a good job explaining them.

Now that you have answered all your questions regarding college, you can explore all the colleges. Common App has a tab that allows you to look at colleges, and if you know exactly where you are planning on going, you can search the exact college. If you know an area that you plan to go to college in, you can search by state.

“I use Common App because it’s very convenient and saves me a lot of time. I can write one essay for three colleges instead of  three essays, one for each college,” commented senior Sarah Grace McElwain. Senior Isaac Cheston agreed with McElwain, “I haven’t really used it much, but I like how you can just write one essay.”

One source that is nice about Common App is that you can click on a tab labeled “Virtual Counselor.” This tab allows you to see videos, tips, and ask questions when navigating your college application process. This tool is very helpful because sometimes it can be tricky to figure out where to put what, or even just figuring out where to start. Common App’s virtual counselor answers all these questions for you, so you’re not alone.