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Emmy Award Show Rewards Great Television

by Noah Lind

Television is a big part of the average person’s everyday life. We watch it when we’re bored, it’s on while we sleep; many students even binge watch it all summer. TV is important to many students at Walkersville High. On Sunday, the Television Academy hosted the 69th annual Emmy awards to celebrate the achievements of the great men and women that produce the shows.

“I love the show Atlanta; it’s interesting and funny if you have the right sense of humor. I’m really happy Donald Glover got the Emmy for best actor, and for best director. I’ve liked that guy since he was Childish Gambino,” voiced senior Mathena Frederick.

Childish Gambino (Glover) was once a star on a popular show 30 Rock. He has since moved on to becoming a talented musician, and now a writer and a director of his own show. He was awarded and nominated many times for his hip show Atlanta, set in Atlanta, GA, and it has a lot of hip-hop/pop culture interwoven into it’s phenomenal episodes.

Many of the award winning shows are shows you may not have heard of, such as Riz Ahmed, actor in The Night Of which was a winner for best actor in a limited series. Another smaller title is The Handmaid’s Tale and actress Elisabeth Moss received an award for best leading actress. One show you have probably heard of is Stranger Things, a smash hit Netflix series directed by the Duffer Brothers that was all the rage around this time last year. Stranger Things was nominated 23 times and won five. “Stranger Things is a really cool show and I really liked to watch it,” said senior Blake Winter.

Many shows were nominated at this years Emmy awards but, like always, few won. However, the show Fargo received six wins and a staggering 52 nominations truly stood out from the crowd. Shows like these, that seem like long fast paced movies are growing in popularity. The Emmys prove that point, along with the thoughts of some WHS students, “I like shows that are really in depth and have you guessing what’s happening around every turn,” said junior Lee Smucker.

The Emmy’s show that we’ve had yet another great year of television, and there is more to come. Make sure to tune in to the Emmy’s next year to see who which actors and actresses and shows will be winning awards!