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Florida Recovering From Hurricane Irma, the Worst Storm To Hit In a Decade

by Addie Robert

Irma is the biggest hurricane to hit the United States since hurricane Katrina in 2005 and it headed directly for Florida. Hurricanes are not something people can easily prepare for. Many people lost their homes, their valuables, and their pets.

A lot of our Walkersville community has loved ones suffering from the effect of this horrific disaster. Junior Kylie McClung said “I’m scared because my grandma’s nursing home didn’t evacuate. They’re in good hands – it’s just hard to keep in touch.”

Junior Brooke Valainis commented, “The hurricane is having a horrible impact on the people in Florida. It’s really sad to see all the families, homes and businesses being destroyed. I am glad however many people were able to evacuate before the hurricane hit and were able to stay safe.” Many people were incapable of evacuating even though it was mandatory. Flight lines raised their prices making it hard for families who couldn’t afford to leave.

Lilly Player, a junior at Miami Beach Senior High in Florida was lucky enough to be able to evacuate back to her home town here in Maryland. “I felt pretty anxious about the storm because I was worried I wouldn’t have a home to go back to in Miami. I was pretty scared about the whole apartment being damaged. I had to move everything from the windows and put a bunch of duct tape on them in case they shattered. It was a pretty stressful experience.”

Player continued with, “I feel stressed. There is no power on the beach. I’m stressed about all the food that is going to go bad, and all the money we have to spend to fix our apartment and get a new car. I really don’t want to see the aftermath of the storm and all the damage it caused.”

Thankfully the storm has now calmed down and has passed Florida. Hopefully another storm doesn’t come near our path anytime. We hope for a good recovery and that everyone’s safe.