For Every Student, There Is a Season They Especially Enjoy

by Jalyn Jones

Rain, snow, thunderstorms, cold nights, warm afternoons all come with the four seasons we experience: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each of these seasons bring something different. However, depending on where you live you may not experience everything involving the weather. If you live closer to the water, you’ll experience lots of rain. If you live in South Carolina, Florida, or California you won’t experience any snow.

“My favorite season is Winter because of Christmas,” said senior Aeshep Smith. The seasons can also mean certain holidays, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, as well as back to school for anybody attending school. “My favorite season is Fall because of Halloween and free candy,” said senior Quannia McClain. In Winter there’s Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day.

Spring has April Fools Day. Summer has summer break for students and Forth of July. In March in the US, daylights savings starts. Daylights Savings is when the time goes forward by one hour that has more light outside. This goes back in the month of November.

In Antarctica it is always cold, however, in the middle of June Antarctica does experience some amounts of daylight. “My favorite season is Winter because of what happens to the sky at night,” said senior Nashawn Watters. During the Fall and Winter holidays college students return home for some time to spend time with their families. In the Summertime everybody wants to go out and have fun in the warm with swimming and vacation time. Springtime is when the flowers and trees start to blossom bringing us fun new colors everywhere. Although, this starts up allergies for some people.

When the Winter season comes around you’ll notice how birds are flying in a specific form. They are traveling south for the Winter (They can not survive in the cold weather here so they have to go else where for warmer weather). Animals such as deer, dogs, and bears also get a different fur color throughout the seasons getting lighter or darker. Every season brings something new, with something different to do.