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Hurricane Maria Strikes the Caribbean Leaving Destruction In Its Wake

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele 

Hurricane Maria rages on in the Caribbean steamrolling every island in its path making it the third destructive hurricane this season to move through the Atlantic.

Maria already went on a destructive path through Dominica, causing seven deaths and a large amount of damage to the buildings within the country. (1) Currently it’s hammering away at Puerto Rico with a strength not seen since 1932 (2).  It’s currently a category 4 hurricane and it made landfall in Puerto Rico with winds at 150 MPH. It’s estimated to affect the island for 12 to 24 hours(3). Hopefully they aren’t shaken up too bad — after all  hasn’t the Atlantic had enough?

All this devastation and there’s still two months left in the hurricane season.  The Atlantic 2017 hurricane season began on June 1st and doesn’t end until November 30th. What’s more is that we’ve had four hurricanes focused in the same place. It just seems to be natural disaster after natural disaster this month, which leaves the Atlantic islands fate in a dark place, especially since Maria has yet to dissipate. Hopefully this will be it for the season but we should all still be prepared for the worst.  

Sophomore Tyreese Williams wishes “Good luck” to those affected by the Hurricane. “We should go in and help out afterwards.” said sophomore Tyrik Douglas. Certainly the US will do its part to assist Puerto Rico with damages after the storm. President Trump has put Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Isles in a state of emergency. They will qualify for federal assistance if, or rather when the storm affects them(4). With the severity of the storm they’ll certainly need the help.

Hector Morales, a Walkersville alumni had this to say about the tragedy striking Puerto Rico:

“It is truly sad to see these islands in the Caribbean go through Hurricane Maria, and even after they had Irma affect them too.”

“ I pray for safety for those people on the islands and most importantly for my grandparents who live in Puerto Rico, for which I have been keeping contact with to make sure they’re ok.” said Morales

“Maria has been the strongest hurricane to ever strike Puerto Rico in 80 years and it really is a devastating phenomenon. I encourage everyone to help in anyway they can to these islands especially because these islands are not doing the best economically and any kind of help would be great.” Morales continued.

“These people really need your help, and so many of them were kind enough to go rescue Hurricane Harvey victims a few weeks ago, without knowing the devastation that was waiting for them on the islands.”

Hurricane Maria has caused devastation throughout the Atlantic, and it has only just begun to slow down. Hopefully, the people and places it affects dont suffer any damage that becomes irreparable due to the storm.