Lions Handle a Tough Linganore Squad On the Road 40-10

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by Noah Lind

Friday night lights, on a Thursday? The Walkersville Lions hit the road and brought their A-game and defeated the fellow undefeated team, the Linganore Lancers. The game was predicted to be a close game but Walkersville brought out their best and took care of business, winning 40 to 10.

Before the game began I asked senior and big scorer Jacob Wetzel how he felt going into this tough game, “We were pumped and ready to show them who we really are.” Nerves were calm and collected leading into the game. “I felt it was gonna be a great atmosphere and a good game,” senior Noah Sadler responded after I asked how he felt about the upcoming game.

The game started off with Linganore receiving the kickoff. No score was scored until Jacob “Hound” Wetzel scored a TD, but the extra point attempt by Sadler was blocked. Walkersville controlled the ball for the most part until the end of the first quarter.

The game was at a steady pace until senior Josh Polce intercepted a pass at the 40 yard line for a touchdown. Linganore put their name on the board with a field goal. After halftime the game was 20-3. Ty Littleton scored bringing the game to 26-3, then Linganore scored a touchdown to cut into Walkerville’s lead.

Wetzel got his hands on the ball and took it all the way for another touchdown, then not long after, achieved yet another touchdown to bring the game to 40-10, which wraps up the game. After the game I asked “The Hound” Wetzel how he felt after his amazing performance in the game, “I felt great because we managed to beat Linganore by 30 and everyone thought the game was gonna be way closer than that.”

I also asked senior kicker Noah Sadler how he felt after destroying another undefeated team and he said, “I wasn’t surprised with the outcome because our team works hard throughout the week and we’re very confident in each other; when something goes wrong we just don’t ‘fall apart’ or ‘give up’, we just adjust and fix our mistake.”

Walkersville pulled it together and finished out the game against their biggest opponent of the year. Hopefully they keep up this pace and make it all the way to states for the third year in a row.