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Lions Thrash TJ 69 to 6 to Go to 3 and 0

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by Valerie Coleman

photos by Michael Tauriello

The Walkersville Lions played against the Thomas Johnson Patriots on Friday, September 15th. Although this game was away, the Walkersville crowd was as remarkable as always. With this being the third game of the season and the first in-county match up, the boys were more than prepared and ready to come home with another victory.

Senior Jacob Wetzel said, “I’m pumped for this game! Since TJ lost some good players, it should not be as tough as last year. Hopefully we will come home with a dub [win].” Senior Zack Mathis added, “TJ runs an unconventional offense so it will be very different to play them because we have not seen anything like that yet.”

Once 7:00 PM approached, the Patriots scored the first points of the night, making it 0-6. However, that lead did not last long for TJHS. Shortly after, senior Tyler Gleason scored a 36 yard touchdown. With senior Noah Sadler converting the extra point, the score was 7-6.

Within the next drive, the Patriots lost the ball and senior Rowan Bennett recovered it. Senior Billy Gant then passed to senior Hunter Cleaver for the touchdown. As the game progressed, the Walkersville Lions’ score only increased. Senior Ty Littleton scored a 34 yard touchdown. Seniors Josh Polce and Jacob Wetzel scored as well. By the end of the first quarter, the official score was 35-6.

With 1:02 left in the first, Thomas Johnson’s number 53 had to be taken to the hospital for a leg injury. After the delay, Walkersville was still fired up and ready to dominate the remainder of the game. In the second quarter, the Lions increased their lead by 28 points. The players that scored include seniors Christian Policelli and Ty Littleton, junior Myles Roberts, and freshman Josiah Jones, making the score 63-6. With the conclusion of the first half, the total number of yards for Walkersville was 345, while Thomas Johnson only had 7.

Due to Walkersville’s significant lead, the second half had a running clock. Senior Cameron Tyeryar scored the last touchdown of the night in the third quarter. The final score of the game was 69-6 and Walkersville is now 3-0.

This win only emphasizes the amount of dedication and devotion each player has. Senior Ethan Parrish said, “This win was important for the team as a whole because we got majority of the boys to play. I think that will give everyone a good chance to develop and grow as football players.” Policelli added, “It was a good game but we still have a long season ahead of us. Considering we scored nearly 70 points and it wasn’t even our best game, means that there’s so much more to come for us.”

With the Walkersville Lions being ranked first in the State Division, seventh in Maryland, and 130th in the Nation, this team has the potential and talent to exceed and win throughout the season