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Marriage Is Something That Brings Families Together
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by Jaizon Jenkins

In life there are relationships,and  in relationships you have that special love. Being in a committed relationship you have a bond between two individuals that contain strong feelings between one another. As the relationship progress the love expands and moves on into marriage, and why do people get married?

Well there are plenty of reasons why two people should get married, such as: childbirth, maintaining financial stability, personal security (not being alone) building trust, and finding your best friend. Working together as a team, can lead to a higher commitment to where they want to stay together forever. So what is the next step you may wonder? The next step now is to get married.

So what is marriage? Marriage is a legally public union, or ceremony, where two people unite in front of their family and friends, and take vows that last them until death. This means that the marriage is a permanent union. In order to have this union, people hold wedding ceremonies to show everyone how committed their love is.

On Sunday, September 24th, I was on my way to visit my aunt Tezra Leak for her wedding in Virginia Beach. It was going to be a special day for Leak and her beloved partner Marla Dornell.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but on the other side I actually did. The wedding was fantastic and very enjoyable.

According to my mother Jumarna Jenkins, the sister of Tezra Leak, “Planning a wedding can be very tedious; it brings families together, and you get to see people you haven’t seen in a long time. Therefore all the efforts you put into it was worth it.”

My Grandmother Julia Lee and the mother of Leak said, “I enjoyed it; it was different. The wedding had vows, it was elegant. It was about time and now I have an addition to the family. My experience was walking my daughter down the aisle.”

As I got the chance to ask Leak about the wedding she said, “I felt nervous and excited, I feel blessed that I found happiness. We chose the beach because we both like the water and the sound of the ocean is romantic. The number one person I really wanted to be at my wedding is my father but he couldn’t make it because he is ill and when I first told him I was gay he didn’t accept me and now him being here would have shown his acceptance as father and daughter.”

Even though it is sorrowful news to hear from Leak, she still kept her head up as she kept moving on with her life and Leak told me to keep this in mind, she said, “I believes that God created us to love, and what gender we connect with is irrelevant. We all deserve to love and be loved.”
It’s crazy that the majority of people think ill of the same gender bonding in a lovingly way when there is no problem with that at all. We love who we love and people shouldn’t criticize and hate on something that people enjoy.