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People From All Over Maryland Came to Frederick to Celebrate In the Streets
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by Jacob Hojnacke

Frederick is fantastic place with fun and amazing things to do! In The Streets is just one of the great things Frederick has to offer, but what exactly is In The Streets? In The Streets is an event where vendors from all across Maryland, Some from Baltimore, Some From Mt. Airy, and some from Walkersville meetup in Downtown Frederick and sell goods, clothing, and food.

All across the Market Street and Carroll Creek vendors, shop owners, businessmen, mayoral nominees, and hometown heros decorate the downtown area with banners, signs, street performances, and cookouts. All of it is just fascinating and some of the people you meet have amazing stories. Like John Manchester of Find Your Pig, LLC. “Find Your Pig is a brand where the about promoting better interactions among people,” said Manchester. “The name came from a service trip that I was on with some friends, a number of years ago. We were in Guatemala, working on a project to build a school. It was the first time any of us had witnessed third world poverty and it was hard [to watch]” shared Manchester.

“One of my friends was taking a step away from the work, and took a break from it all and looked around at the pigs around the village and one of the pigs sat right next to him,” added Manchester. “So the pig for us became a symbol for our trip; when we would work he would always stay near us, so we named him Arnold and the pig for me was a catalyst on how to live a better life and we want people to find your pig,” finished Manchester. People like John Manchester are what make Frederick spectacular, people trying to make the world a better place. When asked what his favorite thing about Frederick Manchester responded with “ I really love coming down here to eat; I really enjoy Wag’s. I always love walking down the creek; it’s just a nice place to be”.

Manchester has started The Arnold Foundation and Find Your Pig in efforts to make the world better and In The Streets is a great way to get your information out there. Steve Whiting had a tent set up for SOFC (Special Olympics Frederick County) “Kennedy Shriver started the Special Olympics in 1968 and first took place in Chicago, Illinois. It later took place in Shriver’s estate” said Whiting “She had a camp where people would be able to find their gifts through sports.” Being a resident in Frederick Whiting added “ My favorite thing about Frederick is being here with people who truly care about who you are.”

Walking down the streets of Frederick felt different. Instead of being closed in on the sidewalk, the streets were filled with people going to and from the different stands and cafes. Some large plots were closed for events like concerts, belly dancers, juggling acts, one man bands, and people on stilts. Seeing that would make anyone feel great joy that they are part of a community that has such great people and events. One special place that caught many people’s eye, was a Chick-Fil-A stand with chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets both priced for $3.50, but if chicken isn’t your style, do not worry, nearly every restaurant is open with some sort of In The Streets deal. Nearly every style of food you can think of is available, BBQ, Thai, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and even a rootbeer float stand. Nobody in Frederick went hungry that day.

The weather was perfect for just walking around with friends and family; no matter where you looked you would see something new.“I love that there is a lot of historical stuff mixed together with modern things” Leah Miller, a resident of Urbana stated

 “Everyone was cheery and in a happy mood and it felt great to be there” Miller added. Towards 6:00 everything settled down, vendors closed up shop, streets were barren and it was silent, besides a man who brought out his guitar and started strumming. He played American Pie by Don McLean, people who knew the lyrics came around,  and started to sing along, together.