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New Club Both Simple and Fun

by Alex Hearn

The Ripper Cracker Snatcher Club at WHS is a new club started up by sophomore Daniyal Colbert and sophomore Ian Bair. The idea for the club is simple, but it’s tons of fun.

The rules for the game is that there are three positions. The thrower who bounces a spherical projectile to the hitter. The hitter then hits it back to the thrower. The thrower then becomes the catcher. The catcher then must catch the ball. If they successfully catch the ball they gain a point.

The idea for the game was thought up by Colbert and Bair while they were hanging out. As Colbert tells it, “One day Ian and I were bored while hanging out. We picked up a broom that was covered with cardboard and duct tape and we bounced a soccer ball off [of] it. We were surprised by how fun it was. So we played it nearly every time I went over. We eventually gave it a name and made the rules. We were going to make it a club last year but it was too late, so we made it this year.”

While the game may sound basic, the club is more than just that. You can also join to make friends or to talk to old ones. “I’m extremely excited for the club; it’s a chance for me to hang out with my friends and have a lot of fun,” stated sophomore Cameron Stewart. “It seems like a really good chance to relax and not be stressed out,” followed Stewart.

If you want to join a club that’s laid-back and full of fun, you should consider joining the Ripper Cracker Snatcher club. “It’s a fun group of people and it’ll be a fun year in the club” said Bair. Talk to Bair or Colbert for information about the club and how to sign up.