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RJ Mangole Is a Senior New to Walkersville with a Big Heart

by Taylor Seabolt

RJ Mangole is a new senior to WHS, but is already making a positive impact on everyone he meets. He spreads his message with confidence, “Even if you fall or things get hard, don’t give up on yourself or the ones you love.”

“RJ is a hard worker; he is kind and treats everyone with respect. He’s new but he’s already showing leadership throughout the community,” said Special Education teacher Ryanne Hartman.

Mangole moved here from California with his father and five sisters, Brienna, Kensley, Alissa, Nevaeh, and Cheyenne. Throughout his life he’s moved around quite a bit and has attended three different schools. As a child Mangole went to Madison Elementary School in Michigan. After living in Michigan for a while he moved to California where he went to Huron Middle School. Later enrolling at Huron High School followed by WHS.

“My freshman year of high school was hard because I was extremely shy, I wouldn’t talk a lot. It was difficult for me to make friends,” Mangole then added, “But coming out of my shell and making new friends is something that I have gotten really comfortable with. It’s become something I’m proud of.”

Despite the obstacles he’s faced, he looks on the bright side. Mangole exclaims, “Moving around was hard at times, but I got to travel, see the world, see new cities and see new people. It was fun.”

Growing up Mangole worked with his dad in the construction business, “I’ve always loved building things, even when I was little. I really enjoyed playing with legos and building blocks,” said Mangole. Now that he is at WHS he is enrolled at CTC in the landscaping program. Someday he would like to work in the construction business, or work as a construction worker.

Mangole is the oldest kid in his family, and at times it can “be a handful,” commented Magole with a chuckle, but he loves the responsibility and experimenting with his leadership role.

“He’s funny. He always tries to make everyone feel like they are part of something. RJ is a hard worker and if he has his mind set on something he will not give up until it’s done,” said senior Sarah Ibex.  

When his days aren’t filled with hard work, sweat and tears, he loves watching sports. His favorites are football, basketball, and wrestling. Mangole is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and a huge supporter of the Chicago Bulls. He argues sports are best paired with a family cookout, particularly with pork chops.

“He’s cool and he’s really nice. His style is unique, he’s always matching,” said junior James White.

“RJ has swag — he’s just cool. He is really funny and nice to be around,” said sophomore Devin Davis.

This caring, kind individual has already found his place at WHS. Mangole is very excited to see what his senior year will bring. When asked what the most valuable thing he has is, he responded with, “The most valuable thing I have? A big heart.”