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Special Education Teacher Maria Caminiti Enjoys the Calm and Inviting Environment of WHS

by Nick Powers

Special Education teacher Maria Caminiti is a staff member at Walkersville High school this year. While she isn’t quite known around the school by most, she hopes to meet a lot of new faces while she’s here at Walkersville High school for the coming years.

Caminiti has started to settle in very well. “Walkersville feels like a very calm and inviting environment, I’m happy to be here,” Caminiti stated. When asked what kind of profession she would have pursued if she hadn’t gotten into teaching Caminiti responded with “If I couldn’t have gone into teaching I don’t know what I would have done as my profession, it’s a mystery to me.”  

“When I was younger it hadn’t appealed to me, but later in my life it suddenly came to me that teaching could be a valid career choice so I decided to pursue it,” commented Caminiti, Caminiti also likes to do multiple activities outside of school, “Even though I’m a teacher I sometimes find time outside of school to do fun activities such as going out with friends and family.”  When asked what activities that she did outside of school Tanisha responded with” Some of the activities I do are simple such as going out to eat with them but one of my favorites is to go out shopping which I enjoy doing because it allows me to spend time with my friends and family but it’s fun for me”

During the school day Caminiti finds time to help students in need when possible, When asked why she responded “I like helping students, but it’s also just part of my job, and I am happy that it is.”

In conclusion, Caminiti is a great teacher, she helps students out and enjoys it as well hopefully she can meet a lot of new faces in the following years to come at WHS.