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Spencer Shortt Sets WHS Record for Soccer Assists

by Jacob Hojnacke

photo by Sheri Jacobs

Spencer Shortt is a Varsity Soccer Player with a passion for the sport. He is a leader, player, and now the record holder for most assists in Walkersville soccer history. He has played varsity level soccer since he was a freshman mainly playing a central mid role. This allows him to lay off passes for the strikers to shoot and he is able to get back and help defend when the other team has control of the ball.

His father and coach, Phil Shortt, has been watching him play soccer since he was a kid. “He’s probably one of the top 11 soccer players in the county”. Spencer very well deserves the award, “He has never had a grade below an A” added Shortt, he applies himself to do better each practice so he can be at his best at each game.

Now being a record holder, Spencer plans to make his last high school soccer season his best. “Its nice that I’m able to help the program in a positive way since I joined, and being one of the best Walkersville has ever had is a really good accomplishment. Its nice that I’m not necessarily putting all the goals away, but I’m setting up guys so they can put all the goals away”.

After graduating from Walkersville, Spencer plans to continue playing soccer in college. “I have two options between Slippery Rock and Millersville; both have been in contact with me and I’ll be making a decision by the end of the year.”