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Students and Staff Wear Green To Bring Attention to Depression and Mental Illness

by Nick Powers

Today people wore green to show support for depression and mental illness and why it’s important to understand it, but the real question is what are depression and anxiety and why should we try to prevent it?

So, depression, and anxiety what are they and why do we need to try and prevent them? According to our school psychologist Jeb Fleagle depression is “A feeling of wanting to give up, losing hope, giving up hope for the future, feeling things don’t matter anymore, and can be caused by losing people close to you, feeling alone for prolonged amounts of time and you can’t seem to come out of it.”

He was also asked what caused anxiety and Fleagle responded with “Anxiety is when you want to avoid social interaction usually; it can impact you and make you not want to partake in activities even if you really wanted to go and partake in it.“ Anxiety could also be seen as worrying about general things like school performance and can get out of hand when worry or fear stops you from doing things you would normally do everyday.

When asked why and how we should try and prevent depression Fleagle responded with “You can’t always prevent it, but when you can, you usually recognize changes in behavior; when trying to solve the issues of depression or anxiety you can use family around us to help. You could also use your peers to help you even if it’s just watching a movie together — it could still help. Regular exercise could also help cure or prevent anxiety and depression .”  With these statements we can easily tell that depression is a serious issue and it needs to be resolved somehow whether it’s through counseling, discussion with trusted friends,family, and adults.

As for why we should use these measures to help prevent depression, “we should use these methods to prevent depression because it’s a serious issue that needs to dealt in this time and age. If we happen to ignore the tools to manage anxiety and depression and it’s left untreated often people go to the use of non-pharmaceutical medicine or even worse. Depression and anxiety usually don’t improve if untouched — in fact they can worsen,” stated Fleagle.

With depression and mental illness playing a big part in today’s society it’s important to keep on top of it at all times as well as making sure we can solve the problems depression and anxiety produce and to help those who suffer from depression,anxiety and other mental illnesses in our communities.