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When Does Fall Really Start?

by Ashley Terry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the beginning of Fall! For many, Fall starts when the infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks and school begins. Technically Fall begins on September 22nd. For stores, Fall products usually arrive during the last two weeks of August. So why do the Fall traditions begin so early?

Halloween in August is an annoying trend that seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. For example, Black Friday websites have been launched one week before Thanksgiving since 2009. [1] Fall is the best time of the year for me. Fall begins when it starts to get cold outside and when Bath & Body Works brings out the fall scents. Fall scents have been previewed to consumers as early as July 2017. [2] Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes returned to stores on September 5th. [3] Similar to back to school sales, the best time to get Halloween decorations is the minute they go on sale. As they begin to have more demand, the prices will increase. However, when it comes to candy, check the expiration date! You don’t want to ruin someone’s Halloween by giving them expired candy.

According to a Twitter poll done by WHS Lion’s Pride, 19% of students feel that fall begins on September 1st. While 81% feel that Fall begins on September 22nd. For seniors Maddie Ropp and Shelby Diehl, Fall begins on September 22nd. “If I can’t wear a tank top and shorts then its Fall,” said Ropp. “For me Fall really starts when the leaves start changing, so I guess the actual calendar date (Sept. 22nd),” Diehl added. Junior Kameron Conley feels that Fall begins on September 1st, “I associate the beginning of the school year with Fall.”

Walkersville High Alumni Christina Lamb said, “The beginning of Fall depends on the weather for me, but I feel the 22nd is the true beginning of Fall because the Frederick Fair is over.” Shepherd University Freshman and WHS Alumni Brooklyn Pfaltzgraff added, “September 22nd (is the first day of Fall) because the weather starts changing around that time and the atmosphere is more like Fall. September 1st still has summer weather and summer feelings to it.”

While Halloween in August seems a little extreme, it’s good to get ahead of everyone else with shopping before the products you desire are sold out. Would you rather be ahead of a trend or behind one?


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