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A Lot of Planning Goes Into the Perfect Homecoming Night

by Jessica Bentley

It’s that time of the year again, Homecoming season! With it comes the intense planning to make it the perfect night.

For the girls, they are trying to make it the best possible night whether they are going with friends or with a date. They need to find the perfect dress, which involves scrolling through multiple websites looking for the right style in the right color, or going into multiple boutiques trying on all the different types of dresses imaginable. While the guy just picks a suit and a tie to match their date.

“Considering I have had my dress for five months it’s safe to say I’m excited for my senior homecoming. I’ve already scheduled my appointments for hair and nails, so I’m ready to go. The only thing I’m worried about is my field hockey tanlines,” senior Keren Ott jokingly commented.

Girls have even more planning to do, with getting their makeup and hair done. They have to make sure that their hair and makeup will be picture ready for later when they take photos. Again guys just have to put on some clothes, and maybe cob through their hair and they are ready to go.

Senior Kailey Johnson agrees that girls have a ton to do to make Homecoming a special night, “Typically, girls have to purchase a dress and a pair of heels. They have to schedule hair, nail, and makeup appointments. Shave their legs and make themselves smell nice. On top of all that girls have to worry about the group they go in; where they want to eat, take pictures, and go after homecoming. It is a lot of work.”

Then comes the dinner. While this seems like a small choice, it can be a little harder than you think. The restaurant needs to have an open reservation available so you and you date/group of friends don’t miss the dance. You also need to decide what food you want, do you want Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or good old American food? Part of the decision goes into the scene you want at dinner. If you’re going for romantic, Italian might be more your style, or a sit down fancy Mexican or Chinese place. If you’re with a group of friends, a laid back Mexican or Chinese place might be your scene. Then comes American, to me it seems like a chill scene to go with a group, because you probably don’t want to be chowing down on a greasy hamburger with your date sitting across from you.

Senior Emila Lawler does not put that much work into homecoming, “Our homecoming group doesn’t involve that much work. We usually just pick a place and meet. I personally just show up. I don’t put much work into homecoming and having everything be perfect.”

With all the planning leading up to homecoming, hopefully everyone enjoys their homecoming and has a disco filled night to remember.