Board of Education President Brad Young Spends the Day in the WHS Cafeteria

by Eikaiva Boyer

President of the Board of Education Brad Young is in Walkersville High School today picking up trash from lunch shifts, cleaning up the cafeteria, and serving lunch to our students.

Young went hands on today with our food service staff. “It’s National School Lunch Week this week so I’m here today to help our cafeteria staff today,” commented Young. He is here for all three lunch shifts today.

When each lunch shift starts, Young starts with serving lunch with the cafeteria ladies to the students. “It’s really great to see what they (the students) like, and the [implementation] of the burrito bar. That’s really popular, it looks like the kids really like it.”

Although, Young has been scolded on the abundance of fries he’s serving to the students. “I was told I was going a little too heavy on the french fries today. I hope it doesn’t show up on my employee evaluation…that I give out too many fries,” he remarked with a laugh.

Our cafeteria staff and janitorial staff work hard each and every day for the students of Walkersville High to have breakfast and lunch, and Young appreciates that immensely. “It’s great getting to meet the staff and see the kids.”

As Young approaches his last lunch shift today, he wants WHS to know he has enjoyed his day today, a day that wasn’t just a day in the office, it was something new and exciting. “I just want to thank our food service workers and all that they do,” Young commented.